Content Curation: How it is Saving Journalism

With the ever-changing media industry, many believe that journalism will eventually die due to all the new technologies replacing journalists’ jobs. Journalism will forever be safe due to the concept of curating news.  What is curation?  If you are anything like me, you may be wondering what the concept of curating news means? Curating newsContinue reading “Content Curation: How it is Saving Journalism”

SHU Speaks Press Release

CONTACT INFORMATION Student Portrayal for Class Meagan Gonzalez RELEASE DATE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Keke Palmer Coming to Seton Hall The Student Activities Board is bringing Keke Palmer to campus for SHU Speaks SOUTH ORANGE, NJ, November 17 – Seton Hall’s Student Activities Board is excited to announce the guest speaker for the 2019 SHU SpeaksContinue reading “SHU Speaks Press Release”

The Evolution of News Releases in the Media

Due to the ever-changing ways in which we receive media, news releases have also changed in recent years. In the past, our news has only been accessible through newspapers, but due to recent technologies and creations, news can be reached through multiple different outlets.  News releases can now be accessed through apps, emails, search engines,Continue reading “The Evolution of News Releases in the Media”

Snapchat vs Instagram: Which is Better?

Both Snapchat and Instagram are two of the biggest social media platforms used by many today, but which one is more effective for users and advertisers? Although Snapchat and Instagram are both social media websites, I think they are extremely different due to their content and uses. Instagram is more about a person’s image. WhenContinue reading “Snapchat vs Instagram: Which is Better?”

Why journalists should commend Twitter

Over the years, Twitter has become one of the biggest social media and news outlets in the world. Aside from Twitter being beneficial for the public to get the news, Twitter also helps journalists grow within their profession, and become overall better reporters. Click on the link to see why journalist are accepting Twitter.  BenefitsContinue reading “Why journalists should commend Twitter”

SHU’s annual Fall at the Hall event: Who’s going and what to expect

For this assignment, I was asked to try out crowdsourcing for my most recent blog. I wanted to see what the Seton Hall community thought about certain events happening in the fall season. This proved to be harder than expected as many people did not respond to my attempts. I first started off the assignmentContinue reading “SHU’s annual Fall at the Hall event: Who’s going and what to expect”

How engaged is your audience?

Gaining likes and followers has become a pivotal sign of success for many users with social media. They follow this idea that the more followers and likes you get, the more these followers will engage with your content. This is not in fact the case, as you could have a million followers, but if theyContinue reading “How engaged is your audience?”

The positive and negative effects of crowdsourcing

Communication has always been a great trait for people to have in their careers. It encourages people to have their voices heard and get other perspectives on topics. Being a good communicator is needed in every job, especially with journalists and PR practitioners. There are many ways for journalists to have communication between readers, butContinue reading “The positive and negative effects of crowdsourcing”

My social media scavenger hunt through SHU

This blog discusses my adventure through Seton Hall University as an assignment for my Social Media in Journalism course. My task was to walk around SHU’s campus and ask students a variety of questions and post their responses on my twitter account. My first action for this project was to get ahold of my partnerContinue reading “My social media scavenger hunt through SHU”

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