Content Curation: How it is Saving Journalism

With the ever-changing media industry, many believe that journalism will eventually die due to all the new technologies replacing journalists’ jobs. Journalism will forever be safe due to the concept of curating news. 

What is curation? 

If you are anything like me, you may be wondering what the concept of curating news means? Curating news is when one adds their voice to certain picked topics. Such as if one was to gather news for a certain topic from different sources and then share that information with their followers. According to editor of ShortFormBlog Ernie Smith, “Good curators know where to find interesting things because they know the paths and can provide a knowledgeable voice to make things a little easier to parse. A good curator can see a clear direction and show others the way.”

Model for how to curate news

How journalism and curation are related 

According to Online Journalism, journalists are curators, as they hand pick from multiple sources and background facts as to what will go in their stories. Using curated content also helps journalists gain trust from their readers. If a journalist was to take all the facts and present it as their own, they would lose all of their followers. However, if they credit those in which gave them the facts and then give their opinion, they are showing readings the amount of research they did to come to that conclusion. Journalists also benefit from sharing curated content, as it helps them make connections with leaders, influencers, and helps make their name more present on social media platforms. 

Why curated content is important for marketing

Content curation is a great way for marketers to gain bigger audiences and to continuously grow. According to HubSpot, marketers can pick the most relevant and interesting information about their product or client and share that on the internet. Not only does the internet help companies get their products out to more people, but it also helps them look up information on their competitors. They can also use the internet to get a better feel for what their audience likes or dislikes. For example, after I buy a product online, I often get multiple emails from that same company showing me similar products that I may be interested in. This not only helps the company make a bigger profit, but it also makes my life as a customer easier to find the things I want. 

Curated content has proven to be a saving grace in the world of journalism and the ever-changing media market. Without curation, journalists may be out of a job before they know it.  

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